About – ISGC

In response to the development of genetics in Indonesia and to answer the need for professionals in the field of genetics in Indonesia, especially Genetic Counselors in the future, one of the prominent genetic figures in Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Sultana MH Faradz, Ph.D. from Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia established a joint genetic counseling master program/degree with several universities abroad in 2006. This master’s program is the first genetic counseling master’s program in Indonesia and ASEAN countries. On September 4, 2021 during pandemic, which coincided with the organizational meeting during the 2nd Indonesian Society of Human Genetics (InaSHG) conference in CirebonProf. Dr. Sultana MH Faradz, Ph.D. initiated the establishment of the Indonesian Society of Genetic Counselors (ISGC), and at the same time was elected the first President of the ISGC.

ISGC is a forum for Genetic Counselors in Indonesia to share knowledge and experiences. It also helps establish cooperation in many aspects. With the establishment of ISGC, it is hoped that it can help introduce the Genetic Counselor profession to all levels of society and to other health workers. The genetic counseling process carried out by the Genetic Counselor will help patients and their families understand genetic diseases or conditions suffered, inheritance patterns, the risk of recurrence in the family, diagnosis steps, treatment, and available options for preventing genetic diseases. In carrying out its role, the Genetic Counselor cooperates with other health workers in providing holistic and comprehensive health services.