Abstract-Full Paper Submission Guidelines


September 15:                 Abstract submission deadline

September 22:               Last Notification of abstract acceptance

October 6:                      Full paper submission deadline



  • Abstract must be written in English.
  • Authors list and affiliations must be mentioned. The first author is responsible for getting agreements from co-authors before submission.
  • The body of abstracts should contain a maximum of 250 words, not including the authors list and affiliations.
    • Font: Times New Roman; font size – 12 pt, 5 spacing
    • Title: in bold type, capitalized each word, Times New Roman, font size – 16 pt
    • Name of authors: font size – 14 pt (without degrees)
    • Affiliations: Include data for the authors at the end of the abstract as follows: name, family name; work place
    • Corresponding author: name, family name; work place address for contact; telephone, fax number, e-mail
  • The body of abstracts contains:Background, Objective(s), Method(s), Result(s), and Conclusion(s).
  • Abstract can be submitted by email to junaedy_yunus@ugm.ac.id
  • Accepted abstracts will be plotted to either Oral Presentation, or Poster Presentation.
  • The first author is the one who should deliver the presentation.In a circumstance where the first author could not be present, he/she must inform the secretariat in advance the name of co-author who would replace his/her place.
  • The first author or second author must be registered when submitting an abstract
  • Abstract topic can be one of the mentioned below:
    1. Genetic Counseling
    2. Genetics/Genomic Education
    3. Evolutionary & Population Genetics
    4. Ethical/Legal Issues in Genetics
    5. Bioinformatics and Genomic Technology
    6. Cancer Genetics
    7. Cardiovascular Genetics
    8. Clinical Genetics &Dysmorphology
    9. Clinical Genetics Testing
    10. Complex Traits & Polygenic Disorders
    11. Cytogenetics
    12. Molecular cytogenetics
    13. Epigenetics
    14. Developmental Genetics
    15. Genome Structure, variation & Function
    16. Metabolic Disorders/ Biochemical genetics
    17. Molecular Basis of Mendelian Disorders
    18. Pharmacogenetics
    19. Prenatal, Perinatal & Reproductive Genetics
    20. Psychiatric Genetics, Neurogenetics& Neurodegeneration
    21. Statistical Genetics & Genetic Epidemiology
    22. Therapy for Genetic Disorders
    23. Genetic susceptibility (study correlation polymorphism)
    24. Genetic therapy including stem cell
  • If your submitted abstract is accepted, the secretariat will contact you with the detail of the type and time of the presentation
  • Selected abstracts and full papers will be submitted to a nationally-accredited journal and will be subjected to publication fee (required by publisher).

Please find attached: InaSHG2017- abstract-full paper template


The selected papers will be submitted to journal indexed by Scopus/Thomson Reuters/PubMed/DOAJ:

  1. Kobe Journal of Medical Science (Scopus Q3, PubMed)*
  2. Journal of the Medical Science (DOAJ)
  3. The Indonesian Biomedical Journal (DOAJ, Thomson Reuters)
     *to be confirmed