Master Program in Genetic Counseling

Master program in Biomedical Science Majoring Genetic Counseling in Faculty of medicine Diponegoro University, Semarang

 Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University (FMDU) had long collaboration with Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (RUNMC) under MoU of inter-universities for more than 20 years. Center for Biomedical Research (CEBIOR) of FMDU, with a molecular and cytogenetic laboratory, certified by the Human Genetic Society Austral-Asia (HGSA) since 2006, has also been intensively collaborating with RUNMC during the last 13 years both in research and health service of patients with genetic disorders. This long-time collaboration and relationship could be considered as the commencement of the Master Program of Genetic Counseling at FMDU. The establishment of this Master Program was marked by Decision Letter number 281/SK/J07/2006 signed by Rector of Diponegoro University in 2006. In accordance with the annual medical genetic course from basic to clinic which has been organized by CEBIOR in collaboration with RUNMC team and similar events arranged by other centers in Indonesia, recognition of genetic diseases is gradually increasing; therefore it is imperative to produce Genetic Counselors who can be actively involved in management of those patients. However, since this Master Program is the first one built in Asia and Indonesia, it is crucial to collaborate with more advanced centers  overseas in order to maintain the quality of Master of Genetic Counseling which are produced.  For this purpose, this Master Program has already collaborated with several other centers outside RUNMC. Students of Master Program have also been sent to those centers to do their research and clinical training.


  • Education center which produces masters both in genetic disease and its counseling aspect who are able to assist clinicians and patients to understand genetic diseases, academically and professionally both at national and global standard.
  • Research and development center of genetic knowledge which is rarely provided in Indonesia.
  • Collaborative center in research, education, and professional practice within local, regional, national, and international standard is dedicated to develop genetic science as a basic science of genetic diseases


  • To develop curricula and subjects with strong foundation in Basic Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Clinical Genetics, and Genetic Counseling practice at international standard which will promote the development of Genetic science
  • To develop human resources with international standard quality as a supportive factor of the education system itself
  • To develop campus environment (research laboratory and study process) and professional practice at national and international standard by performing intensive and structured collaboration with national and international centers
  • To apply Genetic science in professional practice within educational system, laboratory, and hospital services

Aims of the program

The program aims to provide candidates with the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes for a career in genetic counseling. It is applicable to health professionals working with people with genetic problems. Through theoretical, practical work  and research students are able to acquire a clear understanding of basic genetic mechanisms, the way in which these mechanisms can be studied and observed in humans, as well as learning to use and apply this knowledge in the practice of genetic counseling.


For more detail about the Program, please click link below:

Master program in Genetic counseling leaflet