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Guest Editors:
Michael J. Bamshad, Pilar L. Magoulas, and Karin M. Dent

Genetic Counseling in the Era of Precision Medicine
A Special Issue of the American Journal of Medical Genetics Part C: Seminars in Medical Genetics 

By enabling precise genetic diagnosis and treatment there is great potential for inexpensive, accurate, and widely accessible genomic information to transform health care and improve the general well‐being of virtually every person. To maximize this potential, approaches to genetic counseling and the role of genetic counselors will need to adapt to fit changing clinical and commercial needs worldwide. The contributors to this special issue discuss how key areas of genetic counseling need to evolve and how genetic counselors can play a role in shaping the future of precision health.
Highlights Include The future is now: Technology’s impact on the practice of genetic counseling
Erynn S. Gordon, Deepti Babu, Dawn A. Laney

Genetic counselor training for the next generation: Where do we go from here?
Daniel Riconda, Robin E. Grubs, MaryAnn W. Campion, Deborah CragunGenetic counseling globally: Where are we now?
Kelly E. Ormond, Mercy Ygoña Laurino, Kristine Barlow‐Stewart, Tina‐Marié Wessels, Shelley Macaulay, Jehannine Austin, Anna Middleton

The dawn of consumer‐directed testingErica Ramos, Scott M. WeissmanRead the Issue R4YAG 
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AJMG vol.178C, No.1, March 2018

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