The 7th ISGC Webinar Case Series

“Genetic Counseling in Intellectual Disability”

Saturday, January 14th, 2023

09.00 AM – 12.00 PM (Indonesian Time)

10.00 AM – 13.00 PM (Malaysian Time)



Indonesian Society of Genetic Counselors (ISGC) supported by Indonesian Society of Human Genetics (InaSHG).proudly present the sixth webinar case series of genetic counseling: “Genetic Counseling in Intellectual Disability”.

We were very glad to have Prof. Thong Meow Keong, MD, M.Paed, Ph.D, FHGSA as our first speaker in the 2023 webinar case series. He is a pediatricians and Clinical Geneticist in the University of Malaya, Malaysia. He shared his valuable knowledge and experience in the field of Neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs), including global developmental delay (GDD), intellectual disability (ID), and autism spectrum disorders (ASD), which represent a continuum of developmental brain dysfunction. He also discussed basic concepts in genetic and genomic testing, as well as the role of genetic counseling.  He presented several cases he had managed to enhance visualization of real-life situations in dealing with intellectual disability cases and other issues that arise.


The participants can access the e-certificate link here: sertifikat.net/7thISGCwebinar by activate it with their email address.

Presentation material can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

The 7th ISGC webinar PPT

For other information and inquiries, please contact us at gcofindonesia@gmail.com

Hope to see you again in the Upcoming ISGC Webinar Case Series!


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